In order to make the countdown timer in one row, please follow the steps below:


Step 1:

Please add the code below to the Custom CSS area:

.wpv-countdown.regular.gt800 .wpvc-description {

 display: inline-block;


The bold number is the width of the countdown (not the screen) when the switch to 2x2 should happen. Change the number to account for the width of your chosen description text. It should be a multiple of 50.

Similarly, if you want to hide the description below a certain width of the countdown - use this code:

.wpv-countdown.regular.lt800 .wpvc-description {

 display: none;


Note the gt and lt prefixes before the number.

Please follow this guide:

Step 2:

To have the same look as on the screenshot below:

please edit the page with the Vamtam Drag and Drop editor - when the timer is one row, it will need a full width column:

Please check this guide: